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SHLD building systems case study
Can you build panels based on local building code requirements?

Our MgO panels have already been designed to suit a wide variety of building requirements; however, we can certainly contact your local building authority to confirm codes and building requirements.

What fire ratings do the MgO panels have?

•Certified and listed: exceeds the requirements of CAN/ULC S101-07
•One Hour Fire Test, with a structural load rating of 3500 lbs per lineal foot
•Two-hour non-combustible assemblies available
•Four-hour fire-rated assemblies available

Do you offer custom configurations and sizes?

Yes, customized panel sizes are available. We have the ability to produce a variety of panel configurations, thickness’, sizes and types. For more information on the process of customization design and computerized manufacturing please contact us directly.

Can MgO panels be used as part of a flooring system?

Yes, MgO panels can be used as part of a flooring system. MgO panels are typically used for the lowest floor in a building project. Typically, TJI floor systems are used for the internal floor systems, and MgO panels for the basement, or ground floor.

How can water saturation effect mgo panels?

When building with MgO panels it is recommended to use coated fasteners on specific increments, as well as using protective measures to eliminate water penetration. In Asia, MgO products are a very popular building material but are renowned for the corrosive effects caused by the MgCl2 that may leech out over time due to moisture. The exposure to resulting MgCL2 may corrode any untreated metal fasteners. There is also evidence to support the corrosive effects of moisture. When moisture is present it can create a “saturated effect” and there can be issues if non-coated fasteners are used.

Can the panels support a green roof system?

Yes, MgO panels can support a green roof system. A green roof can be supported with the proper engineered support structure and appropriate roof skin membranes.

Can MgO panels be used for interior walls?

Due to the extra cost of the MgO Panel, Interior walls are typically built in traditional fashions. (Using Metal or Wood Studs) But where they are used for interior walls, MgO panels add functionality to any building.

Can I tour the factory?

Absolutely! Just email info@shldbuilt.com and we’ll set-up a time to take you through our manufacturing facility where you can witness our unique product and panel fabrication process first-hand. You’ll even get to see how we cut and customize panels using a computerized shaping and sizing process.

Where are MgO panels manufactured?

Every panel we build is manufactured in Calgary, using boards manufactured to specifications in an ISO controlled factory in China.

How are panels priced?

We determine panel pricing based on variables including panel thickness, suitable sizes, structural panel requirements, among other considerations. For the most accurate pricing please contact one of our authorized sales representatives who will provide you with a project quote.

Where can I find MgO test data?

All MgO panel testing is done through a third party and can be found at http://www.mgosip.com.

Are blower test results available for a mgo panel based building?

Yes, detailed blower test results are available upon requests. In general SIP buildings are designed to be very air-tight and the MGO panels help maintain a building’s air-tight envelope. Test results are more of a reflection of the overall buildings air-seal. By themselves, MgO panels are airtight.

Can MgO panels be used for roofing?

MgO panels have a number of features that make them very suitable for roof application: -Water-resistant -Fire resistant -Naturally mold resistant -Support a high load strength -Can be applied in a number of different formats (flat, pitch, other).

Can MgO panels be used for rooftop patios?

Yes, MgO panels can be used for rooftop patios. Specific roof loads can be accommodated via roof panels and engineered support structures.